The Heat Press that's Cute, Compact and Ready to Press

by Tash Hickman

The most exciting addition to the Siser® Family in 2021 was the Siser Craft Heat Press! This sleek white and red machine offers all the features of our larger clam shell TS Base press squished into a cute, compact 22.8×30.4 cm size:

  • Digital temperature control up to 221°C
  • Digital timer control up to 999 seconds
  • Centralized pressure adjustment
  • Non-stick coated upper platen
  • Comfortable foam grip handle and gas assist struts
  • Auto-shutoff equipped

The compact size makes it ideal for almost anywhere, including your home craft space…

Since the Craft Heat Press launched we’ve gotten a few common questions, we’d like to answer here…


Q1: How do I open the Craft Heat Press?

A1: Fresh out of the box, the Craft Heat Press is closed in order to fit inside. It might be a little difficult to open the press the first time since the gas-assist struts are fresh from manufacturing and haven’t been used yet.

If you’re having difficulty opening the press after unboxing, hold down the front feet with one hand while gripping and lifting the handle with the other hand until the upper platen is in the fully raised position. Do not release your grip on the handle while raising the platen. This can cause the top platen to open too quickly.

Even if the heat press is turned on, it is safe to touch the lower portion of the press since this area does not have a heating element.

Q2: Why isn’t my Craft Heat Press warming up?

A2: After using the “Mode” button in the center to toggle between the “Temp” and “Time” settings make sure to select the button a final time. This will turn off the setting lights, return you to the “93°C” default screen, and allow the heat press to begin heating up.

The Craft Heat Press will not begin to heat up while the display lights are on because it thinks you’re still making a setting selection.

You’ll know your Siser Craft Heat Press is definitely heating up when the number on the display starts increasing from 93°C.

Q3: How do I adjust my pressure?

A3: Twist the top, center knob clockwise to increase pressure (lower the upper platen) and counter-clockwise to reduce pressure (raise the upper platen.) The amount of pressure needed will vary depending on the thickness of the material as well as the HTV’s application settings. 

Clockwise= Increase Pressure

Counter-clockwise= Decrease Pressure

Watch the video below

If you still have questions about the Siser Craft Heat Press, then you’ll want to watch the video below! From unboxing, to setup, and your first project… here find everything you need to know:


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