Importing Siser USB designs into Leonardo Design Studio

by Tash Hickman

With the release of the new Siser cutters, we thought we would give their clipart USB's a try. šŸ‘•

They are a fun and easy way to create a shirt for any occasion šŸ‘•.

There is an image for every occasion or sport, something for everyone. Watch how we create the layered rose mini tee using the "Holiday Clipart USB".

All USB's are simple to use and have a large range of image files and designs that can be used in most design software.

Products used:

Siser Juliet Cutter

Siser A0025 Fluo Raspberry

Siser A0030 Lime

Siser G0050 Cherry

Siser G0078 Light Green

Siser Craft Heat Press

Teflon Sheet
Weeding Tool

Pink Mini Tshirt

Siser Holiday Clipart USB





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