5 Tips when using Easy Patterns

by Tash Hickman

Patterns punch up every design! Get our top tips for working with Siser EasyPatterns HTV and make your next shirt unique!

Tip #1: Test Cut!

Place Siser EasyPatterns on your vinyl cutter with the printed side facing you. A test cut before cutting a full design is always a good start. Your settings will vary based on the age and wear of your blade, cutter, and other cutting accessories.

5 Tips for EasyPatterns® HTV

Tip #2: Do NOT Mirror Your Cut File

5 Tips for EasyPatterns® HTV

Typically, HTV is cut with the carrier side down and the blade cuts through the adhesive on the back. Since EasyPatterns come with the pattern side facing up, you’re cutting through the front/face of the material.

Tip #3: Mask with TTD Easy

After weeding, apply an application tape on top of the EasyPatterns with a squeegee. We recommend using TTD Easy for best results. The application tape (TTD Easy) usually comes with the HTV when you purchase from an Authorized Distributor or Reseller. Please note that TTD Easy might be placed inside the roll, so don’t throw away the cardboard tube until you’re sure it’s completely empty.

5 Tips for EasyPatterns® HTV
5 Tips for EasyPatterns® HTV

Once you’ve squeegeed all the air bubbles out between the HTV and the application Tape, grip a corner of the carrier and a corner of the tape: peel and separate the 2 layers.

If you prefer to weed on a sticky carrier, try the reverse weeding trick! Just put your application tape on top of your cut EasyPatterns BEFORE weeding.

5 Tips for EasyPatterns® HTV

Tip #4: Combine EasyPatterns with Solid Colors

5 Tips for EasyPatterns® HTV

Be sure the EasyPatterns are properly seen on your shirt! Use contrasting colored fabric or heat transfer vinyl to make the patterns pop! A solid HTV outline can make text easier to read.

Tip # 5: Knockout Method or Top Layer Only

For best results, use the knockout method to create the appearance of layering. If you must directly layer, be sure EasyPatterns are the top layer: DO NOT APPLY on top of EasyPatterns!

5 Tips for EasyPatterns® HTV

Our standard wash recommendations for EasyPatterns are:

  • Wait 24 hours before first wash
  • Machine wash max 40°C – inside out
  • Dry on delicate setting
  • Do not dry clean

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